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About Us

Towards the end of 1971 a small group of people met to prepare plans for a new free health screening service. The idea was the brain-child of the late Dr. Sam Gregory and led to the formation of the Guernsey Chest and Heart Association. After much fund raising, the Medical Centre was constructed in the grounds of the Princess Elizabeth Hospital and was opened on November 13th 1974. A substantial extension was added to the building in 1994, at which time a formal 99 year lease (of token rent) was entered into by the Association and the States of Guernsey in relation to the land and premises.

Probably because of our location in the hospital grounds, many have thought, mistakenly, that we are States-owned and part of the Health and Social Security Department's responsibility. In fact, the Chest and Heart is entirely independent of the States of Guernsey and is a self funded registered Bailiwick charity.

Guernsey Chest and Heart LBG is a company 'Limited by Guarantee' which was formed from the Guernsey Chest and Heart Association at the end of 2005. The company comprises members who pledge a guarantee and is run by a board of directors.

The day to day running of the Medical Centre is by the Centre Manager who is a qualified nurse and the Centre employs a number of nurses and secretarial staff.

How we are financed

Carrying out our programme of work has a considerable cost, with the health screening and blood pressure check programmes accounting for most of our costs. The Chest and Heart's annual running costs exceed £100,000. We rely exclusively on voluntary support from the public, private individuals, corporate bodies and various groups and organisations.

Please help us in any way that you can.

In order to maintain and hopefully increase our service to the Bailiwick community, we need continuing and increasing financial support. As salary and other costs rise each year, we need corresponding increases in our funding.

We recognise that there are many calls on the generosity of the community from the numerous charitable organisations operating on the island. We do feel that our work is vital in the battle against respiratory and circulatory diseases. Coronary heart disease is still a major killer in Guernsey.

If you feel able to donate please use one of the following methods: