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Reducing the risk of heart disease depends upon identifying your risk factors and then taking remedial action. Our screening and blood pressure check programmes have exactly these goals in mind. The full screening looks at a range of risk factors and consists of a comprehensive questionnaire, electrocardiogram, breathing tests, blood pressure, height and weight measurements, together with a number of readings taken from a single blood sample which includes cholesterol and diabetes screening.

The results can be analysed and an assessment of relative risk for any one individual can be made from specific analysis tables. Each screening takes approximately 30 minutes and volunteers are asked to fast from 10 o'clock in the evening for their cholesterol blood test the next day.

Screened volunteers are advised of the results, and any improvements they may make to their diet or lifestyle. Our Medical Director examines each screening report, a copy of which is forwarded to the volunteer's own doctor. If there are any significantly abnormal results on the screening, the volunteer is advised to visit their doctor.

The Chest and Heart Centre staff carries out hundreds of free blood pressure and weight checks for Islanders each year. These checks are offered at public events and health fairs, supermarkets and other public venues including pubs! In addition many work place visits take place each year. Apart from providing an important medical check, we hope that through this service we will identify new volunteers for our health screening programme.

Since the opening of our medical centre in November 1974, preventative work has been the main area of activity, primarily through our health screening programme for which all services to the public are provided free of charge.

To make an appointment for a health screening just ring 237261 or email

At the end of 2011, a total over 64,000 screenings have been carried out involving more than 24,000 Bailiwick residents. Free screenings are available to all residents aged from 25 to 75 providing they are not being treated for a heart or circulatory medical condition. Screened volunteers are recalled for a follow-up screening every 5 years.

Our records show that in 2011 of those 2,008 people screened, 254 (13%) had raised blood pressures, 244 (13%) had raised cholesterol levels and 332 (17%) were above recommended weight. More than one person in three people screened had risk factors for heart disease for which action can be taken. In addition, we identified 27 people whose ECG's required a follow up investigation and there were 6 diabetics were not aware of their condition.